Slow computers can become a disease that is just too difficult and annoying to shake away. The whole world seems to slow down when your PC has a jerky startup, not-responding programs, cluttered registry, fully-loaded memory and a hard drive that is bloated with errors. All these symptoms show that there are deep problems with […]

Manual Hacks and Tweaks for Registry Tuneup Warning: The purpose of this article is to give perspective to the reader. We strongly advise the users to NOT try manual hacks. The automatic Registry cleaner software is doing normally a much better job. As most of the people reading these articles would have minimal knowledge of […]

Get rid of Trojan, Remove Spyware and Adware from Windows PC – The Best Removal Tools! There are many types of malware, all of them are designed to damage and slow down the system’s performance. Malware is short for malicious software that pins onto your system when programs are installed or downloaded from dubious providers […]

How to fix DLL Errors Fixing a DLL error can be a very complicated job for even the tech-savvy users. Some of the system messages that refer to a DLL error are shown above. Theses errors just pop up and tell you that a certain file is missing from a directory that you cannot even […]

How to fix Visual C++ and other Runtime Errors Reasons for the Visual C++ Library and other Runtime Errors Runtime errors, like the few shown in the above image occur, most commonly, due to corrupt entries in the Windows registry. The bulk of runtime errors pop up from Visual C++ Library, there are ways of […]

Reasons for the BSoD Blue Screen Error, Invalid Keys in the PC Registry, Misconfiguration of Settings under Windows, Newly Installed Hardware, Software is Causing the Problem, Damaged RAM or Hard DriveThe blue screen (stop error) usually shows up when there is a serious hardware or software failure and the Windows shuts itself down to protect […]