The Beatles were an English rock group formed in Liverpool in 1960 known for their hit songs “That’ll Be Our Love”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Happiness Is A Thing Called Worry”, “I Remember Being In Love”, and” Yesterday, Tonight”.


The Beatles

The group, who featured John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, were considered the biggest musical group of all time. Many music historians also rank The Beatles as one of the top five ever groups in the history of popular music. The Beatles made their influence worldwide with their successful song” Abbey Road” and their even more popular album “Sixties Abbey Rock.”

Not unlike the Maharajas of ancient India, The Beatles had a code of behavior that they followed in their activities. First, they would go to meetings regularly, wearing a white uniform with black stripes. Secondly, they would go into a session with a goal of creating music, and by their estimation, a new Beatle was born every 20 days. Thirdly, they never performed without their famed revolving microphone known as the Ring Around the Rosy.

Brian Epstein, a photographer and a fan, kept meticulous records of The Beatles activities during his years with The Beatles. His first glimpse of The Beatles was when he saw them perform at Shea stadium in Shea, California. According to Brian, he could not help admiring the Beatles for their original blend of music, hairstyles, stage makeup, and outfits. He has retained numerous memorabilia from his years as a Beatles fan, including a series of photos of The Beatles during their Shea residency.

Brian understood that he would have to be disciplined and strict with himself if he was going to keep pace with The Beatles. He recalled once telling Yoko Ono that he would go through twenty photos before he felt satisfied enough to publish any pictures he took. In his words, The Beatles would go through hell, but he would keep his pictures safe.

Throughout much of the 1960s, The Beatles did not perform as frequently as they had in earlier years. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were replaced by John Lennon and George Harrison, respectively, when John Lennon was murdered in 1980. A year later, Paul McCartney was diagnosed with cancer. He and the rest of the Beatles were able to perform frequently throughout the Cure’s touring career, although they would never again match the level of popularity that they enjoyed in the preceding years.

When The Beatles left The Beatles Band in August of 1960, they had just completed their contract with Capitol Records. They immediately went on to sign a deal with EMI. The reason for this change was to allow The Beatles to use their full name on all of their subsequent albums and singles. In January of the following year, they made their first concert with The Who at the famous Cavern Club in London. While no tickets sold for this concert, it was a memorable moment for all of The Beatles, as well as fans.

The last tour for The Beatles’ band was entitled The Last Tour. This tour lasted for two and a half months and marked the end of what would become the band’s golden era. John Lennon and the group were due to leave The Beatles shortly after the final concert in August of 1970. Rumors swirled that The Beatles wanted to tour America in order to continue their music careers, but John Lennon and The Beatles remained in Britain, stating that they were not interested in touring America at that time.

The success of The Beatles tours resulted in an increased demand for tickets. There were also a number of other bands that benefited from The popularity. Many artists that would have never otherwise gotten a chance in the world of rock and roll because they didn’t know The Beatles. As it was, the band’s influence on music helped to open up doors for many other bands.