Work is shit. Goddess Leo thought so too, until she quit her job at a financial services company and became a professional dominatrix. Today she is happier than ever – and also earns more money. We talked to her about her career change. What jobs did you have before you became a dominatrix?Goddess Cleo: I […]

Like so many other things, sex work in China is illegal. But that does not mean that this business does not flourish behind closed doors. Escort agencies often operate behind the facades of karaoke bars. In many of these karaoke bars you can do exactly what the name promises – i.e. singing various evergreens while […]

I sit in a chic Lebanese restaurant. Opposite me is the guy who will buy my sperm. A weird feeling. Let’s call him Raymond. Raymond is chubby and has a room-filling laugh. He wears glasses and a t-shirt with a pop culture reference that I don’t understand. Raymond is a “cuckold”, a horned. These are […]

As much has happened in the past few years, pornstar is still a profession that you tend to cut out of your CV when you apply to become an insurance broker. Of course, the industry has its problems, where young women and men are still being exploited, who sometimes do not even know exactly what […]

Your supposedly wild threesome story is as exciting as Grandpa Bernd’s detailed summary of the last Schalke game – at least in comparison to the sex stories of a professional cathedral. For the really good stories, we went to the World of Whorecraft, a sex work fair that took place in Berlin on Saturday. Interested […]