Sex workers tell of their customers’ most unusual wishes

Sex workers tell of their customers’ most unusual wishes
March 24, 2020 By Elijah Others

Your supposedly wild threesome story is as exciting as Grandpa Bernd’s detailed summary of the last Schalke game – at least in comparison to the sex stories of a professional cathedral.

For the really good stories, we went to the World of Whorecraft, a sex work fair that took place in Berlin on Saturday. Interested parties and sex workers gathered there to exchange information about working conditions, youth-free advertising texts, solidarity and the representation of sex workers in pop culture. Many of them have been working in the industry for years – as escorts, doms or on the street – and fight against the stigmatization of sex work. And everyone has exciting stories in store.

We asked some of them to tell us about their customers’ most unusual wishes.

“I recently received an inquiry as to whether I could rub balloons for a customer. He would like me to play with them first and then crush them. I should be happy with the damage. He would also like it if I deal with him would go to the fair and destroy children’s balloons. In the “looner scene”, that is to say with people with a balloon fetish, it is not so much about sex but more about someone playing the happy girl really good money. However, I told him that I would like to rub the balloons in the hotel room instead of at the fair. I don’t want any father to beat me up there. “

“When I was still working on the street, a man in Bavarian leather costume stopped. Then he asked if I would” heat “him up. I didn’t really know what he meant, but was curious and got into his car “In a parking lot he said to look in the glove compartment. There was a candle in it, I lit it and I walked along his pants. I was totally afraid that I would burn the guy’s butt Heat also hosed down. “

Thomas, 48
“A friend of mine runs a gay SM studio. There used to be a customer who had quite a bit of money and came by quite often. There was a hook in every corner of the room. The customer had chains in the middle In this position, he let himself be fucked by another man for several hours while his wife was lying on a specially built platform and celebrated an orgy with four other men – a sushi buffet next to her. I was one the funniest thing was that the rich customer always injected something into the other guy’s tail so he could stand all the time. Even during the breaks he had a bomb erection. “

“I am always happy when customers find the courage to come to me with fantasies they have had for decades. I love rare fetishes. I recently received a request from a customer who loves caviar games. That is the game with He had done a lot in the area, he said, and would like to do something that is even more blatant, so I thought about what was even more blatant than eating shit, and he immediately said: eat dog shit. I haven’t had such a degree of perversion for a long time, so we first went to the Berlin Zoo, collected different types of feces, and then we went to the SM studio, where he played with the shit and I tried it to educate him to taste the different animal species. “

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